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Children’s Programme

While engaging with children Ankur has resisted tendencies that view them in terms of what they lack. We have sought to build on the innate knowledge of the child, using the locality as a learning resource, seeking to be co-travellers in many journeys of storytelling, traversing practices of reflection, narration and imaginings.

Learning Collective
an open space for young children
This site celebrates the spirit of wonder, curiosity, inquisitiveness, spontaneity and self-creation. A philosophy of care, invitation and nurturing animates the way we constantly re-imagine and re-make these spaces. The learning collective is a space where children meet with other children, and individually and collectively create learning experiences.

celebrating story telling
Children are brimming with stories, ever eager to tell them. The club strives to affirm their world, their life experiences – their stories. Children find an open floor to unload and unpack their fears, restlessness, dilemmas and dreams. The club gives children the space to value play and freedom from the routines of school and home, to give expression to their creative energy and explore newer dimensions to their lives and learning.


a community of active readers
Children are always eager to access other narratives, the world of ideas and knowledge, beyond textbooks. The library is a space that makes possible new, proximate and distant connections, associations and meaning. This is a lively space that nurtures a community of children who are active readers, creative writers and passionate discussants. We find here an engagement with and a sharing of knowledge, experiences and creative thinking. Here minds evolve and examine, discern, appreciate and participate in the world of books