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Community Programme

Worker settlements are indeed living testimonies of urban oppression and neglect. They are inhabited by vibrant communities with their own social support networks, their own sources and stores of knowledge and skills, their own dreams and aspirations. The community here is a source of strength and learning to the children, young people and women who live there. It remains the first audience of their creative outpourings. Ankur's intervention in the community programme is to build on the intellectual life of the locality.

Generative Spaces and Creative Hubs
contemplative, cultural spaces for the community
Generative spaces create active audiences as well as an environment of sharing and expressing. These spaces are created in shared locations through community art projects, mobile libraries, mobile sound and visual studios, mehfils and public readings of creative works.

Creative hubs are spaces for reflection, listening and reading – the excavation of written and oral histories, as well as a permanent, ongoing and accessible archive of the localities. The hubs open themselves out to an invited public for meetings and conversations around diverse written forms such as stories, diaries, letters and newspaper clippings, as well as of print cultures that include technologies and modes of circulation of information that are specific to the locality.