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Health Broadsheet

Mizaz Kaisa Hai Janab Ka?

A broadsheet that brings together texts, logs and images on how the locality deals with health and illness.

Return Gift

Tohfe Mein Kuch Sawal

The NCERT textbook Rimjhim for class IV was used as the springboard for many conversations emerging from questions which were presented as a gift to students. These questions do not end with answers but prepare the ground for the emergence of new questions. The book Tohfe Mein Kuch Sawal (Questions as Gift) presents the texts and questions that emerged from these conversations.

Playing cards

Taash Ke Patte

A deck of playing cards that depict the print rich environment in Sawda Ghevra, Delhi. Playing cards are linked with everyday life, fate and chance.

Spades | Hearts | Diamonds | Clubs | Joker

Sawalon Ka Kafila

Sawalon Ka Kafila

Where do these questions take you to...


Kabuliwala - Garamiyon Ki Chutiyon Mein

Taking the story with you...


A Multi-textured Textbook - Adding layers to 'Udaan Class III' the old SCERT text book for government schools in Delhi

Introduction: Samvadakon Sathiyon Se

Bagula Aur Kenkra | Chatur Chitrakaar | Gilhari Ka Ghar