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Youth Programme

Young men and women in different contexts navigate the situations they encounter in their everyday lives. Ankur's endeavour is to build spaces for interactions amongst youth that enhance these processes of self-learning through practices that affirm and build a critical, conceptual lexicon. It is in the telling of stories, in the reflection on them and the re-telling of the narratives that self-learning takes a collective form.

Young Women's Collective
research, experimentation and practice
Young women lead busy lives, immersed in engagements at home and the world. Hidden in these broad contours is the desire to create their own worlds. The young women's collective provides the contexts to strengthen peer networks among women to facilitate their creative practices. This space builds a culture of sharing and listening that in turn generates critical and empathic accounts of the self and contexts, in the process building self-respect, dignity, articulation and assertiveness. This lays the ground for transformative agency among the participants, which radiates outwards to social relations around them.

Behrupia Shehr Trickster City Udher-bun

locality and the city in digital practice
Young people have taken the sense of relatedness and concreteness in the word mohalla (neighbourhood) as a means of situating the self in the city and in cyberspace. Rooted in the life world of the locality, practitioners draw resources from the intellectual life of the community. They have produced dense and dynamic archives of biographies, narratives of events and stories of ordinary life, re-imagining and re-enacting media forms in their practice of revisiting the locality and the city. (A collaborative project with Sarai-CSDS).